Brian Battles, MS Access/VBA Programming Expert!

I am an expert MS Access/VBA developer, with many years professional experience as a contractor designing and building applications for dozens of companies throughout Connecticut and the Northeast.

I am currently available for a full-time permanent position, or a long-term (minimum one year) contract opportunity in Connecticut, or I can telecommute if necessary.

My primary technical skills are Microsoft Access 2003, 2007, 2010, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), VBScript, SQL Server, HTML, ASP, VB.NET and ASP.NET and various other application development tools.

I have been a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) since 1996, and have a strong background as a business analyst, with advanced communication skills, speaking, making presentations, training and preparing high-quality documentation.

I previously spent many years as a professional broadcaster, audio producer and magazine writer/editor. I was nominated for a Clio award in 1982 for radio commercials I wrote, produced and voiced.

Please see my resume at for additional details, and email or call me if you are interested in discussing any opportunities that might be suitable for me.

Thank you!


Windsor, CT USA


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